Investor Information

Investing in is owned by InteractiNet Networking Services Inc. Incorporated in 2005, the goal of the company is to develop a service that truly democratizes the music industry, making profits for both musicians and the company itself.

The founder, Frank Forte, has been focusing on web development and marketing strategies over the past few years, when he wasn't busy completing his engineering degree at the University of Toronto (where he was also President of the Snowboard Design Team and Chair of the Materials Science and Engineering Club), getting married and becoming a home owner. Driven to build the company and the service, he has spent the past 4 years learning web development techniques and actually designing and programming the website.

If you are interested in investing in and are serious about making an impact on both the music industry and the company's bottom line, please use our contact form. Please provide details about your experience in either the web or music industry, and a ball park estimate of capital you would like to commit to help succeed.


Frank Forte
Founder and Owner